E-juice PV vs Cigarettes

Before know more about e-juice it is better to know more about vaping very important thing is vaping is not smoke. It is nothing but inhaling vapor from a personal vaporizer (PV) also called e-cigarette (electronic cigarette). This is how it works PV is triggered either by an inhale or with a button press which in turn is connected to battery which is connected to a heating element which boils tiny amounts of e-juice and the vapors inhaled by the e-cigarette user. No smoke, no ash, no tar is ever formed with e-cigarette nothing is burned through the process of combustion.

cigarette vs vp

The question most people who are not aware of e-juice have is what the atomized vapor is made of the liquid used to make this vapor. There are five ingredients used to make e-juice.

Ingredients in e-juice:

  1. PG, which is propylene glycol. This is mixed with VG as the base for e-juice. It is mostly used as a solvent used in fog machines. A higher mix e-juice will make a thicker cloud of vapor. It is better to use VG if a person has any issues with PG.
  2. VG Vegetable glycerin: 80-90% of e-juice is made of a base usually composed of 100% VG or a mix of PG. This solvent is widely used in toothpaste and personal care products and food. Common ratios in the base of e-juice are 80/20 VG to PG ratio, 100% VG, PG/VG 20/80.
  3. All e-juices are made of food grade flavoring used in baking.
  4. Distilled water is used sometimes for diluting.
  5. Nicotine 0%-2.4% as needed. Only pharmaceutical grade nicotine is used in e-juice.

There are 4000+ chemicals in a cigarette, which are not present in e-juice. Before getting into more flavors of e-juice, it is important to know how e-cigarettes are different from cigarettes. Cigarettes are something burning and the smoke from burning could have a lot of unwanted stuff that could be harmful when inhaled on a regular basis.

The chemicals in cigarettes are:

  1. Acetone, the main ingredient in nail polish remover
  2. Cadmium, a carcinogen used in batteries.
  3. Naphthylamine a carcinogen.
  4. Vinyl chloride ingredient in the plastic material.
  5. Methanol used in rocket fuel.
  6. Carbon monoxide used in poison gas.

Other chemicals like cyanhydric acid ingredient of poison gas, Dibenzacridine, ammonia, formaldehyde, polonium, and DDT are few of the poisonous chemicals in the cigarette.¬†Imagine inhaling all these chemicals in a smoke form on a regular basis, how harmful it can be. It’s finally time to jump off the smoking bus, and start vaping with some of the worlds most flavorful eJuices from eJuice Farm. At eJuice Farm you can find flavors like Cottos revenge ejuice, Suicide Bunny, Five pawns, and more.